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"As a young teenager, I attended school #91 on Hilton Street. After school, I frequently traveled south to the Irvington area with a few other boys.  There, we would 'goof around' inside the Irvington Carbarn. It was wide open, no doors. We would play a  'cat and mouse' game with the boss-man until we got tossed out, (only to return another day)..."


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Of Ancient Vintage

Old #24 Old Timers


Streetcar #7093

Old #2

Old #2 - detail

Artist notes


Artist notes



Old #27

Yellow Streetcar


Streetcar #7093 - Painted from some photographs I took inside the Irvington Carbarn in 1963.           Top


Old #2 - detail - They would never do this, (build a barrel fire), in a real carbarn.  The old streetcars and carbarn's were largely built of wood and there would soon be a 10 alarm fire.      Top